An Influencer Marketing Success Story: Triangl Swimwear

It comes as no surprise that Triangl is doing something right when it comes to selling their swimwear. With a combined following of 3.4 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, their effective yet simple social media strategy helped transform their $5 million business into a $25 million business within the year. Their secret was Influencers and Instagram. 

Instagram is the best platform because it’s measurable.


Founders, Erin Deering and Craig Ellis began with no marketing budget but creatively decided to gift swimsuits to online bloggers to spread the word about their product. Like many other brands, sending out your product in exchange for a simple blog post has resulted in great success. (Check out our article on HiSmile and how they used influencers to become a multi-million dollar business). Thankfully this gained a lot of interest from followers into what these Instagram models were wearing and therefore resulted in a large following and interest via social media. 

The key discovery for Triangl, was realising that Influencers on Instagram, particularly female models, helped transform 'likes' into sales. Today, international celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have uploaded pictures in the neoprene bikini to their social media platforms and local models Dilya Diaz, Annie Jaffrey and Megan Irminger, frequently on the @triangl account. Who doesn't want to be like those hot babes in amazing bikinis. 

The three major things to learn from Triangl is;

1. You can sell your products without spending any money
The answer? Influencer marketing. Even if you have a small budget, your money will always be put to good use when you choose the right influencers for your target audience. It's definitely a matter of getting the right influencers to promote your product. For Triangl, Bikini models on Instagram were the perfect fit because all women interested in looking like these gorgeous ladies will want what they're wearing. From this, the more sales you get the more you can invest in larger influencers, if not celebrities. This is the golden ticket to growing your business a few million dollars (In this case). 

2. You can convert 'likes' into sales

Focusing on Influencers that fit their target audience, they worked their way up to gaining attention of more influential influencers, even celebrities, to build their brand awareness incrementally. By providing bloggers with free swimsuits in exchange for a post of them wearing it, they generated a large following on social media. They quickly discovered that females on Instagram were the key to transforming likes into sales. The power of influence. 

3. Building a community around your brand

Building content that remains authentic and relative to your fans can have more influence than tradition advertising, that's no secret. Triangl creatively leveraged off Instagram and their influencers to create the Triangl Girls Initiative. Many users who buy Triangl swimwear post a photo on Instagram as they want to be just like their Instagram models that they follow. The Triangl Girls Initiative gives their followers the option to post an Instagram picture wearing their swimwear and submit it to feature on Triangl's Instagram page. This will be exposed to thousands if not millions of people, so it gives customers and incentive to share the product around. The genius idea in this? It's free advertising.

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Influencer Talks: Monday Hustle

Monday Hustle

Resigning from her 9-5 job in sales, Lucy O'Connor left behind the dissatisfying path she once had to pursue her creative outlet in blogging. At first Monday Hustle was a blog designed to keep Lucy accountable for her new chosen path (and a way for her to demonstrate to her parents that she wasn’t just resting on her laurels..!), but it soon grew into something more.

Running for two years, "Monday Hustle aims to give people the confidence to start HUSTLING for whatever it is they want from life - whether that's something more,something less or, quite simply, something different". 

We talked with Lucy to better understand the brand she created through Social Media and her journey along the way. 

What is Monday Hustle all about? 

The name, Monday Hustle was a play on the phrase, Monday Blues’, which implies that someone is unhappy, unmotivated and uninspired by the first day of the week; however, I utterly despise this notion, and contrarily believe that Mondays should be full of excitement, potential, positive challenges and mystery as we delve into a fresh week of possibility!

The brand has been built by an authentic and encouraging community of Hustlers who are committed to finding their greater purpose, whichever direction the journey may take them next.
This may be getting something more, something less or something different out of life. 

Monday Hustle gives people permission to be real, to feel capable, to know that they're badass and deserving of taking up space in the world. It’s vibrant. It’s fun. It’s sassy when it needs to be. But most importantly – it’s an honest reflection of what life can be like, and an attempt to help people feel empowered in knowing that they can handle whatever comes at them next.


What motivated you to start Monday Hustle? 

I left my 9-5 Job in sales because I found it rather dissatisfying and wanted to pursue a new path in life that involved quite a bit of creativity. Believe it or not, when I started Monday Hustle, social media was my biggest fear. I wanted to start a brand where I would share the ups and downs of my own life and I knew that if I wanted to get where I wanted to go and inspire others to do the same, I was going to need to suck it up, and take that leap with social media. 

What is the most rewarding part of your blogging experience? 

The most rewarding part is when people, often complete strangers get in touch to say that they’ve been inspired to take a leap of faith of their own; or they’ve plucked up the courage to organize a meeting with the CEO of their dream company; or that they’ve resonated with a blog post, and feel less isolated in their experience or emotions.

The best part is without a doubt the connections I have made, and the deeper understanding of the fact that as humans, we are all struggling, we all feel lost, we are all shit-scared of uncertainty; yet we’re all out here doing it, and working it out as best we can. This knowledge makes for a pretty special blogging experience indeed.

Are there any further plans for Monday Hustle?

I have so many plans for Monday Hustle in the near future, it ain’t even funny! Right now, I’m working on a re-brand, a re-design and a re-focus on everything Monday Hustle even is. I recently conducted a survey and asked my audience to provide feedback on what Monday Hustle means to them, which has given me a clearer direction in terms of how I can help them get to where they want to go more effectively. Without giving too much away, a few exciting opportunities to get involved are about to drop – so, over the coming weeks - watch the Monday Hustle space veeeery closely!


How do you measure your success? 

I measure my success in terms of the numbers. Naaaaah just kidding, though I’d be lying if I said that gaining new followers doesn’t excite me. I mean, I’m only human and when you get a follow, it lights up the same area of the brain as cocaine. However, personally, I measure my success on the amount of people I instill with a greater sense of confidence and worthiness. It’s not always a very tangible way of measuring success, though whenever I get an email or a direct message which tells me I’ve inspired someone to change their lives – I get a pretty good buzz from it.


Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 1.00.15 PM.png

What is your most proud 'Monday Hustle' moment? 

My most proud Monday Hustle moment stemmed from when I spontaneously decided to host a re-launch party a short three weeks before my new website was about to drop! Somehow, over those three weeks, I pulled together a venue, catering, sponsors, goodie-bags, a musician, a top-dog speaker and a whole raft of 80 attendees who were excited to hear about what was next for Monday Hustle. As I was delivering my presentation, and looking out at the amazing people who had come to support me, I remember thinking that maybe this Monday Hustle thing had potential. I felt proud about how far I had come, and excited to see where I could take it next. 


What is your secret to creating good content? 

My secret to good content is having no secrets. Well, you gotta have secrets (like where you stash your Japanese mayo), but good content is about being brave by sharing both the good stuff and the bad. It gives an opportunity for your followers to connect with something real and relatable. We are so used to being fed this idea of what it means to live the ‘perfect life’ on social media but when all is said and done, people won’t resonate with a pseudo-you, and they won’t get anything of value from you over the long term if you only share the highlight reel, either. This won’t be the same for every influencer (or influence-d), but for me, content possesses the most magic when it gives your audience permission to embrace themselves as they are, and to feel positive about wherever it is they’re at in their personal journey. You might be able to give a like, but you can’t put a price on that.

Working with Lucy, from Monday Hustle, has been a great opportunity to support a brand that helps empower people to make the most out of their lives even if it is both the good and bad moments. Her content portrays a creative outlet and we wish her the absolute best for her future plans with Monday Hustle. 

Be sure to check her Facebook, Instagram and blog out! You won't regret it! 



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