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Story Wars: Why Instagram Does It Better

Instagram stories and Snapchat are basically the same thing now. But the major difference is that everybody you know is on the first and only a select few are on the second.  

Instagram, quickly becoming one of the best platforms in social media, has 300 million daily users versus 158 million on Snapchat. You'll notice that when you meet someone, they're more likely to add you on Instagram rather than Snapchat. Personally I find snapchat a more intimate way of sharing your day, and Instagram a more public display but you can't hide from the fact that Instagram is just much easier to use. Everything is in one place. So here is why Instagram does it better in terms of social strategy. 

Location and Hashtags
You can add your location by typing in anything via the location feature or the hashtag feature. You can advertising the bar you are at, the track you just walked or the cafe you just ate at. Yes Snapchat offers Geotags but only in the suburb you're in. As an influencer, your fans want to know where you had that amazing avocado on toast or those mouth watering pancakes, you know? 

Reposting old photos onto your story
This is a big one to look for. In terms of content creation, getting an instant picture and posting it to your story may not mean you'll get the perfect picture with the right editing filters. It's also instant. Instagram allows you to post pictures from your library as if you've instantly snapped them then and there. Yes Snapchat allows you to do the same but you can tell when one has done so because they put a large white border around the picture. Instagram offers planned stories that will allow clients to approve Influencer content before they post it without it looking like it wasn't and instant story in the first place. 

Face Filters
Now I will give this one to Snapchat because well, who can turn down the opportunity to enlarge your lips the size of your face?! Instagram has recently introduced face filters so there is no missing out on adding the flower crown to your picture. Here's hoping they make them just as good as Snapchat.

If you haven't heard of it, download it now because it's the next best thing. Boomerang allows you to video a short clip and then rewinds it for you so it does a back and forth motion in video. It's a different and creative way of creating content that often intrigues a viewer rather than bores them like a normal video. 

Instagram shows your stories to all your followers. This means more reach for their content and more exposure for your product which is great. So if your influencer has 2 million followers then it's available for them all to watch. This brings the point that Instagram is a more public display for stories rather than the intimate notion of Snapchat. Like the point i raised above, when meeting someone they're most likely to look you up on Instagram and add you here than find you on Snapchat. Snapchat becomes a story platform for closer friends. There's just a bigger audience of interesting people to communicate with on Instagram

In terms of measuring stories, Instagram is the best place to do so. Snapchat has only allowed you to see who views it but Instagram allows you to measure the amount of people you have reached with your story and how many people actually viewed and engaged with the story. Even though engagement is the key thing you need, it's better to have all options than just one. Just in case. 



Let me know if there are any other points to this discussion because there are plenty of reasons why Influencers use Snapchat. In my opinion, Instagram is overall the best platform to use in terms of influencers creating content through stories. 

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An Influencer Marketing Success Story: Triangl Swimwear

It comes as no surprise that Triangl is doing something right when it comes to selling their swimwear. With a combined following of 3.4 million followers on Instagram and Facebook, their effective yet simple social media strategy helped transform their $5 million business into a $25 million business within the year. Their secret was Influencers and Instagram. 

Instagram is the best platform because it’s measurable.


Founders, Erin Deering and Craig Ellis began with no marketing budget but creatively decided to gift swimsuits to online bloggers to spread the word about their product. Like many other brands, sending out your product in exchange for a simple blog post has resulted in great success. (Check out our article on HiSmile and how they used influencers to become a multi-million dollar business). Thankfully this gained a lot of interest from followers into what these Instagram models were wearing and therefore resulted in a large following and interest via social media. 

The key discovery for Triangl, was realising that Influencers on Instagram, particularly female models, helped transform 'likes' into sales. Today, international celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Beyonce and Miley Cyrus have uploaded pictures in the neoprene bikini to their social media platforms and local models Dilya Diaz, Annie Jaffrey and Megan Irminger, frequently on the @triangl account. Who doesn't want to be like those hot babes in amazing bikinis. 

The three major things to learn from Triangl is;

1. You can sell your products without spending any money
The answer? Influencer marketing. Even if you have a small budget, your money will always be put to good use when you choose the right influencers for your target audience. It's definitely a matter of getting the right influencers to promote your product. For Triangl, Bikini models on Instagram were the perfect fit because all women interested in looking like these gorgeous ladies will want what they're wearing. From this, the more sales you get the more you can invest in larger influencers, if not celebrities. This is the golden ticket to growing your business a few million dollars (In this case). 

2. You can convert 'likes' into sales

Focusing on Influencers that fit their target audience, they worked their way up to gaining attention of more influential influencers, even celebrities, to build their brand awareness incrementally. By providing bloggers with free swimsuits in exchange for a post of them wearing it, they generated a large following on social media. They quickly discovered that females on Instagram were the key to transforming likes into sales. The power of influence. 

3. Building a community around your brand

Building content that remains authentic and relative to your fans can have more influence than tradition advertising, that's no secret. Triangl creatively leveraged off Instagram and their influencers to create the Triangl Girls Initiative. Many users who buy Triangl swimwear post a photo on Instagram as they want to be just like their Instagram models that they follow. The Triangl Girls Initiative gives their followers the option to post an Instagram picture wearing their swimwear and submit it to feature on Triangl's Instagram page. This will be exposed to thousands if not millions of people, so it gives customers and incentive to share the product around. The genius idea in this? It's free advertising.

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