Five Ways To Make Stunning Content And Optimise Snapshots On An IPhone


Remember when you would go on holiday and take your clunky digital camera with you everywhere you went? Yeah we don't either it was that long ago. The popularity of our smartphones have basically made digital cameras redundant unless you're photography savvy and own the latest Nikon D810 ... Uhh what?! – The point is, we live in a day in age where if you don't post something to Instagram, did it even happen? For this very reason, iPhones have gained worldwide popularity over those digital cameras we all used to have. 

We're speaking to the influencers that only create content through an iPhone camera. The influencers that try their best at making a picture look better than ordinary. The influencers that may often run out of creative content to create and opt for the typical mid body shot of them drinking wine. Believe me we've had it, and it definitely doesn't promote the hotel room you've just stayed in. From backlit subjects to capturing a panorama, here are some of our favourite ways to optimise snapshots on an iPhone. 


1. Panoramas

Can you believe it? There's more than one way you can use a panorama?! We all know it's a fairly simple technique to use but people often use it just the one way when in fact there is more than meets the eye. Apple suggests starting in landscape, then selecting pano mode, then starting your pan from the bottom, head slowly upwards, capturing the lengthy scene carefully. Now you have the most unique shot! Some may give your mind tricks like below.


2. Lighting with a creative twist
First off, no-one wants red eye so say goodbye to flash, turn it off. Then, touch the screen to grab focus, and adjust the exposure next to the sun symbol. Once you’re steady, you’re good to go. This will convince not only your family and friends, but your followers that you're a professional photographer simply by making use of dramatic street lighting.

3. Capturing memories to remember. 
It's more often than not that a great laughing picture is when it's spontaneous. Even if that spontaneity is actually set up, you still want everyone's faces focused in the shot don't you? That’s why you shouldn’t forget to switch the setting to ‘portrait’ mode. But most importantly, don’t press the capture button until the boxes that frame the faces have turned yellow. 

4. Did someone say sunset?!
Are you looking for something further than an indistinct black outline on your snaps? The secret here is that when you tap the screen to lock the focus, there’s an option to lower or heighten the exposure level. Find your sweet spot and shoot. This is the perfect tool to capture those amazing sunsets we often get here in New Zealand. 

5. Living the best life you could possibly have. 
Picture this, you're on the beach with the perfect sunset and a soft breeze blowing through your hair but there isn't anyone around you to take your picture. Take advantage of the time function. The often forgotten feature but yet the most valuable feature to independent photographers. Who needs an Instagram boyfriend anyway? pfft.... 


So here you have it. Now go be a star and capture those magnificent sunsets and 'spontaneous' laughing moments with your friends. You'll be a star in no time. 

Article courtesy of Apple and The Collective Hub. 

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