Who cares about iOS 11?

So, Apple has released news about their new iOS update, and while some people with older models aren’t too happy about it, there are some updates that will be really useful.

But, why should we care? We’re an influencer company right? What difference will the new Apple updates do for us? How will they change our lives?

Well, dear readers, our lives will be changed in many ways by these new updates. Firstly, we now have a “Do Not Disturb - I’m driving” option. I personally use my phone as a GPS and I often get distracted by notifications that pop up on while I’m driving. The new iOS will detect when you’re driving and will automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark. It also gives you the option to send an automatic response to favourites to let them know we’re driving and that we can’t respond until we’ve arrived. Helpful, right?

Another update that our influencers will be majorly psyched about is the new camera abilities. Optical image stabilization will be available for Portrait Mode images, along with True Tone flash and HDR, meaning that every shot will look even more professional. Apple are taking huge steps towards making the iPhone into the only tool you’ll need to create beautiful images, and additions such as Long Exposure will help influencers to create amazing content, using just their phones. They win, we win.

Further to this, Siri now has a more humanized voice, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, new male and female voices are more natural and expressive, adjusting intonation, pitch, emphasis and tempo while speaking. Not only will she sound more human, Siri will also be able to make recommendations to users with regards to information and entertainment, based on your search behavior online. Fascinating!

Unfortunately though, for those users that haven’t got round to updating their devices, all of these changes will be useless. They’ll also be potentially dangerous, leaving systems and phones vulnerable to glitches and hacks.

It’s not all bad news though, as Apple will be releasing its newest model, the iPhone 8, so everyone can now enjoy the benefits of iOS 11. Yay!