Becoming a Multi-Million Dollar Brand Through Influencer Marketing

Young Australian entrepreneurs, Nik Mirkovic and Alex Tomic, launched their idea for DIY teeth whitening kits in December 2014 with only $20,000 invested into it. Within 18 months, HiSmile  turned over $10 million in a $460 billion industry. The question is; how the hell did they do it?! 

The answer - is influencer marketing.

The 20 year olds spent 100% of their marketing budget on just that. 

There are several things we can learn from the process they used.

1 / They had a range of big and small influencers
Influencer marketing is the perfect tool in advertising to promote your product without the consumer really realising it. It's the mere fact of suggestion and influence that, if used correctly, will work.

Influencers, big and small, still participate in reviews to show the true results of the product and discuss how great it is to their large audiences. Their audience's are following them for a reason, and their opinion is a trusted suggestion that many go on to try. From Vloggers like Skye Wheatley to Instagramers like Lauren Beeston, to even the best celebrity beauty endorser ever, Kylie Jenner


2 / Know your audience
HiSmile created various marketing campaigns at once to reach different audiences in order to figure out exactly who their target audience was. 

They first believed their audience were between 20 - 35 years old, as teeth whitening can basically accommodate for anyone right? But after their marketing experiment, they actually found that it was 15-24 year olds that were responding the best to their brand. We can only assume this is because the google generation are much more concerned about their appearance than any other generation.

This resulted in a change in branding and marketing goals to fit their target audience. By reaching the right target audience with the right strategy, their company boomed within months. 

3 / They promoted a lifestyle not a product
Nobody likes a product shoved in front of their face, heck, no one really likes being told what to do at all in life, let a lone in advertising.

HiSmile have done so well because they started promoting the lifestyle around having white teeth, instead of focusing on just the product it self. From a vacation in Bali, to sunbathing in Gold Coast, they've made teeth whitening a must-have when living a life full of adventure, fun and happiness.

If you don't have this product, will you really have the life these 'influencers' have?

The HiSmile Influencers and the brand itself push the lifestyle many dream to have through social media (Instagram and Facebook) and place the product as a part of that lifestyle. 

4 / They took risks, and they worked
Being in your 20's, would you have taken the risk to spend all your marketing budget on influencers or would you have taken the safer option and just opt for running ads on social media, TV and radio?

The majority would choose the second option, but HiSmile didn't. HiSmile spent every cent in their markting budget on Influencers, giving away free kits and paying celebrities and influencers to endorse the kit to the world.

HiSmile took the risk and it worked out, a casual 300% in their favour.


Because they knew their audience and they knew who they looked up to. 

Influencer marketing is the best ways to reach your target audience - if you know exactly who they are.

The proof here is in the pudding.

Now... where is my wallet? I need to go buy one...  


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