The Latest Social Media Genius: NSW Police Force


We've kept an eye on the NSW Police force social media team all year because quite frankly, they've nailed their social media marketing to a tee. It's not easy trying to alert people about using their indicators or following the speed limit during holidays seasons but this guy makes it oh so interesting and humorous to follow. In our opinion his team are experts in making a serious situation into an engaging one that will get the message spread through topical, trend worthy content. 

Meet Sydneysider Dejan Stojadinovic, the man behind the creative NSW police force Facebook posts. The team is made up of three men, Dejan, his coordinator and a support officer. Varying in age, the digital media team keep on top of a lot of popular culture trends and take a peek at other Facebook pages to see what's trending. From there they see what people are responding to and they try to appropriate that with their policing messages. 

In the middle of 2016, Dejan and his team saw their organic reach plummeting. Noticing that their communities on Facebook were tagging each other in memes, they took a grasp on the idea and ran with it. Now that it's working they receive 20,000 plus likes on each photo and over the last few months the police force have nearly 1 million followers and reached over 18 million people through organic content. 

The social media strategy of using topical, trend worthy content and making them into memes is such a good way to get serious messages across and show that there are real people behind the police identity. The reality is that a lot of young people have interactions with the police and by engaging with them it also probably helps them understand our role in the community a little bit more — why we do certain things, or why we push certain messaging.

It's good to note that two years ago memes weren't very popular, so no-one knows if they will exist in another two years. The main thing here is that their social media strategy is working brilliantly at the moment and if they stay relevant and change their approach to the curves of digital media there will be a lot more to see from the NSW Facebook page

Be sure to follow them because they are the best example in engaging their audience through social media.  


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