The top social media influencers in New Zealand

So, what do you think I'm going to write? Lorde? Shawn Johnson? Matilda? Bob? Frankie? Gertrude? 

Well, it depends on how your define 'top' really, doesn't it. Sure if you want to go by audience size, a couple of those names matter to you. But remember, size isn't everything - it's what you do with it that matters, or so my first boyfriend told me.

For us, the top social media influencers in NZ put in effort. That's right - effort. That thing that your Mum told you do put in at school, it's still totes relevant as an adult. 

You wouldn't believe some of the content we've been sent from lazy content creators over the years (I'm not going to call them influencers, because that content wouldn't have influenced a cat to eat it's own dinner).

We've had blurry photos, copy with spelling errors, the client name spelt incorrectly, incorrect hashtags or hell, even irrelevant hashtags, the wrong restaurant tagged in (hello burger joint in Alabama not Auckland) - you name it.

Content that doesn't make the cut with us doesn't get published for our clients, that's just the way it is. As an influencer, remember, you're being paid for much more than just access to your audience. You're being paid for your time (like any contractor).

That involves:

  1.  Communication and admin (emails and phone calls with us about the job we've asked you to do, your invoicing etc)
  2. Content preparation (planning, idea work shopping, filling out and returning the brief)
  3. Content creation (when you're at the restaurant, or in the shop trying on the shoes, or at home writing the content)
  4. Audience engagement (if you need us to explain to you what this is, then god help us all)
  5. Final admin (returning the brief document with attached content, it's performance and analytics etc)

To be a top influencer with We Are Anthology, you just need to try. It doesn't matter if you've got one of New Zealand's biggest social media audiences, or one of New Zealand's smallest social media audiences - if you create professional content and are an awesome professional person to work with, then guess what, the client is going to be stoked, and we're going to want to work with you again.

As the great Aleksandr Orlov says, it's simples: 

So what does that mean for you as a brand?

Well, a bloody lot. 

Most importantly, it means you can trust us. We've got your brand integrity in mind just as much as you do. We want our influencers to be creative, dynamic, exciting, informative, fun, and engaging! 

Otherwise, what's the point? 

Influencer content should inspire. It should make people laugh, make people feel good, it should make people feel an emotional response, it should deliver people valuable information. 

And the content our influencers create, with our help, does that. 

If you want to know more some of the work we've done that's been awesome, or have any questions about influencer marketing and what it's all about, get in touch with us.

And, if you're an awesome influencer who wants to chat to us about working with us and our clients, make sure you get in touch too