Why Brands Should Use Celebrity Endorsements

You’ve heard of Selena Gomez right? Of course you have. Not only is she a singer, actor and a film producer but she holds the most followed Instagram account in the world. With 116 million followers, it’s obvious that Gomez has the largest influential voice on Instagram...right? Celebrity endorsements are a great way to promote your brand and product but only if the brand fits the person. There are many reasons to use influencers rather than celebrity endorsements but we wanted to show you that a celebrity endorsement can be very effective when it’s done right.

Here are the three reasons why your brand should use celebrity endorsements.

1.  They have a large range of followers
A celebrity already holds millions of followers on their accounts because of their talent and the career they’ve pursued. With a large following, celebrities hold the ability to build brand equity which makes them a valuable asset to any company wanting to promote their products. To a consumer, brand equity creates product differentiation over competitors in the market.

2.   You reach people all over the world.
Celebrities are worldwide which means your product will be seen from various countries around the world. The best thing is, that if your chosen celebrity does the content well enough it could become news in the media and reach even further that one platform. For example, Selena Gomez did a celebrity endorsement on Coca Cola. The image was so well done, it made it into many online magazines and social media sites. So along with the 6 million people she reached on Instagram, she would have also reached the same amount on other platforms too, doubling the reach of the ad. One of the strongest reasons for using a celebrity as a product endorsement is that it can link the product to the celebrity's skills, and essentially their followers want nothing more than to be that person. So maybe, drinking a CocaCola may help you get where Selena Gomez is? We hope. 


3.   It creates awareness
First comes the followers, then comes the reach but what about the awareness? Your product may reach 6 million people but will they remember it? How will they remember it? This is the ultimate benefit to celebrity endorsements because they increase a consumers remembrance of the ad. It has been shown that consumers are more apt to remember an ad that is linked with a celebrity as they are a more memorable person and people aspire to be them immensely. This can translate into customer research, product purchase and website traffic, resulting in additional sales.

Be aware of the fact that bigger doesn’t always means better. It really depends on what your goals are. A celebrity endorsement doesn’t have a big influential voice if they’re promoting something they would never use as it looks like a sponsored ad and can have a negative effect. Celebrity endorsements aren’t the only way to promote your product though. Macro influencers are the best way to promote your brand and/or product in terms of reachability and affordability.


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