The Avid Girl Boss And Her Office

We Are Anthology is a woman-only office based in Ponsonby, which in my opinion is one of the cosiest suburbs of Auckland. Last week we moved from our brown street office to the new area of Grey Lynn. Now, with a new office, we share an office space with the really nice people of YeahNah and Moloney & Moloney. A new and fresh start! 

 Dani – The avid girl boss.

If I had to describe Dani in two words it would be ‘Ed Sheeran’. I don’t think that even his mum is as big a fan as Dani is. This is the reason I’ve learnt almost all of his songs in a month. Sometimes it drives me crazy (she will kill me for saying this), but that’s why they invented earplugs! Another way to describe her would be edgy, funny and a proud feminist. She is the cool kind of power woman who really stands up for what she believes in and especially for the rights and positions of woman in this world. She’s the ultimate girl boss that started her women only office from the ground up and made it a huge success. If you want an inspiring boss to work for, she's the one. 


Charlotte – The left hand woman of Dani.

Charlotte is really nice, positive and sometimes stressed. Passionate about her work, you don’t notice it that much in the office but then you drive with her to an appointment that she may be a little late for and from there you’ll need to put on your seat belts and be mentally prepared. For these stress moments Dani bought a positivity button for Charlotte so every time she is stressed out somebody presses the button and it screams something like: “I’m feeling fantastic! I’m going to have a great day!”. To be honest, it isn’t really effective but it’s sarcastic tone makes it very funny. Charlotte is the lady who guides me and the other interns in our work. She’s really passionate about it and is always willing to help even when she doesn’t understand our foreign accents.

Erika – The original Kiwi.

Erika is our real Kiwi in the office. We all come from different countries, so if I have questions about where to find places I can always ask her. She is responsible for the influencer communications of We Are Anthology and she’s really good at it. If you want to know who are good influencers, where you can find them and how you can use them within different campaigns, then ask Erika. She’s really kind, down to earth and a hard worker. She’s also still the baby of our office!



The Interns

Then there is three of us interns. Marissa, Ella and myself. We're only here short term, two of us on a overseas Intern program. Ella is much like Erika, born and bred in New Zealand, with a passion for marketing. Marissa is a talented photographer and videographer that loves expressing her creative outlet.  And then there's me, Tess. I love the advertising and marketing industry and i'm passionate about the work that i do. Our team is slowly growing and everyday it's definitely a warm welcoming office that I come into everyday. 


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