5 Social Media Musts


Have you got what it takes to win the internet? Maybe you’ve just started your blog or maybe you’re an internet sensation with 1 million followers already.

No matter what it is, you can never stop learning more with social media. We’re here to offer you a few pointers on how you can use social media to your full potential. Here are the ‘5 musts’ with social media that you should follow.


Consistency is key
Post daily, analyse often and engage always.

Being consistent with your social media account is the key to connecting and understanding your audience.

Social media is great because you get instant feedback as well as having the opportunity to respond and adapt to what your audience want and need. Listen to what they want, talk to them and analyse what they’re reading. It’s information that’s constantly in front of you everyday.


Don’t limit yourself
One platform just isn’t enough anymore.

You may have a main following on say, Facebook but what happens if Facebook is canned tomorrow? You need somewhere for your followers to go.

Another point to remember is that there is a small percentage of your potential audience who may not have a Facebook account to follow you on. It’s smart to branch out.


Put in the effort
The one thing you have to understand is that your followers can make you money but they aren’t your currency.

Seeing your audience as a currency can be one of the biggest mistakes in social media. It’s a good idea to consider them as friends and your biggest supporters so you create content that will be the best and in a way, make your whole family proud.

Place a higher value on what you bring to the table. The extra time and money spent on high quality content is always worth it in the long run.


Have a strong presence on your accounts
Are you relatable to your audience? Do you inspire your audience?

Similar to point number one, but the main thing here is to be yourself with the content you post because essentially your followers are interested in your lifestyle and your voice.

You have to be you and be real. They will follow you because they relate to you. It’s important to have a balance of relativity with aspiration.


Play to your strengths
Use your strengths to your advantage - If you have a talent, passion or skill and you’re good at it then you’re more likely to succeed than just being another ‘general someone on the internet’.

But your strengths could also be part of a partnership where you have the balance to both have different tasks custom to your hobbies and passions.

Find your strengths and use them.


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