Introducing Jaheb Barnett

Since 2012, Jaheb has been working hard in the Advertising industry here in New Zealand, growing from an Account Executive role to a grown-up Business Director at DDB advertising. Last December, he had a career change and “threw in the towel” as they say.

Within two weeks, Jaheb gained 3,000 followers on social media for his men’s lifestyle and fashion blog, and he hasn’t looked back. Not only has he become one of New Zealand’s leading male bloggers (granted there aren’t many, but he’s already making a name for himself with his witty prose and epic photographs), but he’s also got a unique POV: he’s a straight guy who loves to blog about fashion.

He believes his point of view and voice will not only help men but help girlfriends, wives and sisters with gifts, date ideas and fashion advice for the men in their lives.

We met up with Jaheb recently to talk about him working with some of the brands we’ve got on our books (we have brands on our books rather than bloggers, we reckon it allows for us to have everyone's interests looked after, rather than ‘managing influencers’ and having to give them promised work when we sign up a brand).

Of course SKYCITY Auckland fitted perfectly with the style and voice in his blog. With all things travel, lifestyle, food, fashion and entertainment, SKYCITY offers plenty of options for Jaheb to not only promote, but also to increase his following with content fitting to his blog.

Last week for Valentine’s Day, Jaheb treated his girlfriend Alex to a night out at SKYCITY. One couple’s massage at East Day Spa and a dinner for two at Bellota Spanish restaurant later, and we were surprised with one of the best pieces of content we’ve ever had an influencer produce.

It’s obvious from Jaheb’s talent and previous professional experience that he knows how to make the client happy, and we have to say, it’s bloody refreshing.

SKYCITY were blown away by his content, and so were we. We feel like we’re sharing a secret here by telling you all about him, but he’s worth sharing. Jaheb is one to watch this year as he continues to develop his blog to become bigger and even better than it already is.

Check out his blog post about Valentines Day at SKYCITY here, and let us know what you think.


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