Are You Still Using Your Smartphone To Manage Your Accounts?

Here’s a few reasons why using desktop applications, a real camera, and a whole lot of love, can boost your following big time.

Get better quality
Let’s face it, it’s hard to look past the convenience factor of a smartphone. You don’t carry around an awesome camera everywhere and some photos can’t be planned, so sometimes it’s just your only option to snap a quick shot and send it out to the world.

It’s not just happenstance that many of the most popular accounts use real cameras. They know that quality receives more attention. Cameras have nifty features that make uploading easier too, like wifi connectivity which allows you to send photos directly to your smartphone, or to your computer for a quick visual edit. The process doesn’t take much longer than happy-snapping with your smartphone and we highly recommend getting to know your camera's features.
Tools we love: Fujifilm X-T1 camera; Fujifilm Cam Remote; VSCO; Layout from Instagram

Save time 
Sure there are some great apps for scheduling, but aren’t your eyes getting sore looking at that tiny screen? Spare your eyeballs the strain and save some time while you’re at it by signing up to a desktop scheduling program. You can schedule posts to your hearts content there and sit back and watch them appear on your profile like magic. This has the added bonus of leaving you with more time to think about content, to research suitable hashtags and to be more engaged with your audience.
Tools we love: Gain App; Latergramme; Tagboard; a good old fashioned wall calendar.

Only publish the best
This one’s for all your over-thinkers out there! So we’ve pretty much convinced you that quality is key, then how do you make sure you’re only publishing the best? Think about using some desktop programs that allow you to create content, overlay with text, pick backgrounds and tweak until you’re satisfied. If it looks good, post it. If you’re on the fence, stash it for later.
Tools we love: Canva; Pexels; following inspirational accounts.

What are your favourite tools? Do you have any tips to share? Let us know!