Snapchat Hacks

Snapchat: the controversial new social platform. Despite its reputation, Snapchat is a host for a bounty of content rich updates. Created by three Stanford students, it sends photographs, called “snaps”, for a short length of time to recipients before being deleted from the face of the Earth. Over 700 million snaps are sent every day so we think it’s about time, if you’re not already, you get on board and utilise all that the app has to offer. We have some little tips and tricks that we are constantly using, so we thought we would share them with you all.

  • To add extra lines to your snaps for writing, open a new note in notepad, enter some blank lines, copy them, then paste them into the text box on your snap.

  • Snapchat has provided a way to save your data while you're out of a wifi zone! Enable Travel Mode in your settings and it will prevent Snapchat automatically loading snaps when you’re using mobile data – maybe now we’ll make it to the end of the month before running out of data... maybe.

  • Want to make the text on your snap larger? Tap the T button in the top right corner.

  • For those who have friends who love to set their snap times super low, you can now replay snaps – enable replay in settings and double tap a received snap to see it again. You only get one a day so use it wisely!

  • Save snaps to your camera roll before you send them by using the little arrow button in the bottom left.

  • Enable filters in your settings then once you’ve taken a photo, swipe left on the image and choose from the filters Snapchat has to offer, including locational filters, time, temperature and speed stamps.

  • Think Snapchat lacks white & black ink for writing on snaps? You can now access white ink by dragging the colour selector all the way to the left of your screen, and bottom right for black!

What are some of your Snapchat hacks?