Where Did I Come From?

We’ve all read the book Where Did I Come From.

When you’re trying to explain how a business was started, it’s a little bit different. There’s still a lot of love, passion and wanting something more from life, and there’s definitely a moment of conception when the idea of starting a business turns in to something tangible, but once you take your idea out there to the big wide world, you’re pretty much on your own.

Two years ago I did just that. The idea of dancing to the beat of my own drum had appealed to me for a few years, and I figured I was in the land of the long white cloud and small business, so why not start my own? It’s a cliché, but had I known what lay ahead, who knows if I would have jumped so eagerly! I still have meetings with people who are waiting for ‘Danny’ to show up, not ‘Dani’, I still wake at 3am in a frantic sweat wondering if we paid the cleaners’ invoice on time, but every single day I wake up and can’t get dressed and ready fast enough because I am pumped to head in to the office and do what I do.

So where did the idea come from to run an influencer marketing business? Well, it’s a quick back story. I was a fashion blogger for fun, but had a few friends who were starting to make real strides in the bloggy industry, and I thought – wouldn’t it be cool to be able to help my friends get paid for all the hard work they do, and help brands get the best influencers to talk about their brands?

So the next day I quit my job, and three weeks later We Are Anthology was officially launched!


In that time, we’ve worked on some huge things directly with clients, white-labeled quietly and supported agencies and companies around the country, worked on the biggest digital campaigns in NZ and Australia, and been lucky enough to work with two of the three ‘dream’ clients we put up on the board when we first started. We’ve still got the last one to tackle (Air New Zealand we’re talking to you!) but we’ll get there.

Influencer marketing/outsourced content marketing – it’s about using the right people, creating beautiful and captivating content and building relationships over time. Much like running your own business.

We started off small, and in the worldwide business landscape, I guess we are still rather small, but our dreams and goals are big – as are our achievements.

We’re here for the long game – the last two years have FLOWN and it seriously blows my mind to think where me and the awesome team will be in two more years time.