The New Strain of "Lifestyle Bloggers" & The Fine Line of Fit-For-Blog Content

We’ve witnessed and celebrated the progressive, yet-to-finish growth of digital media, with blogging having become a viable career path and social media a more than just worthwhile channel for marketing. With this change, and as a direct result of mass-commercialisation of online content, a whole new world of genres has evolved. The biggest of all genres, and the new-born, catch-all category has overtaken that of the lifestyle blogger. The original lifestyle blog showcases a life worth photographing, recounting stories worth a laugh or a source of inspiration and detailing their new living room make over. Lifestyle now seems to be the tag on title; you’ll find fashion and lifestyle bloggers, who maintain a safe 80:20 ratio of fashion to food, or food bloggers who excuse fitness posts with the addition of the lifestyle title. They’re diversifying their content without fully switching over to the typical breakdown of content found within the traditional ‘lifestyle’ title.

This means great things for marketers who can start to push their creative targeting to the next level. Whereby instead of implementing a campaign through the product’s exact categorical niche at the risk of drowning out engagement, and rather offering the same campaign to a ‘… and lifestyle blogger’:

New Hotel or Introduction of Additional Services to Existing Accommodation, e.g. spa benefits:

Original influencer to target: travel bloggers.

New influencer to target: beauty and lifestyle bloggers

Rather than chasing down a travel blogger who’s currently in Auckland, engage with a beauty and lifestyle blogger for an emphasis on the additional spa treatments available. Participate in an Instagram takeover, or treat the blogger to “A Night Away in Paradise” for a genuine review as blog content.

Boxed Food Delivery Services:

Original influencer to target: food bloggers.

New influencer to target: fashion and lifestyle bloggers

The mind instantly associates a food delivery service with content for food blogs. However, food bloggers, being self-acclaimed ‘foodies’, cook and create their own food – they pride themselves on the creativity and durability of their food knowledge and abilities. Fashion and lifestyle bloggers, on the other hand, who maintain a small portion of content for food/other as a break from the traditional fashion, become the less obvious yet more highly targeted choice. Incorporating the service into their ‘and lifestyle’ category enables broader scope for the campaign and prevents the drowning out of the service promotion by other, condensed, food related content.

New Apps; sleep, fitness trackers, to-do, notes etc.:

Original influencer to target: tech bloggers.

New influencer to target: fashion and lifestyle, parenting and lifestyle, business and lifestyle, gaming and lifestyle.

In consideration of influencer marketing for products like these, tech blogs or perhaps health/fitness blogs for particularly appropriate applications seem the most obvious choice. It’s somewhat dependent on the app itself, however these allow for a much broader scope. A sleep tracking app, for example, begs the question: what type of people have trouble sleeping? There isn’t a correct answer, no one type of people solely struggle with their sleeping pattern. Parents, kids, gamers, students, business owners, everyone has trouble sleeping from time to time. Since the direct influencer for the campaign isn’t specific, or overly important, instead the objective for sourcing should be based on engagement.

As influencer marketers, We Are Anthology understands the need to incorporate sponsored content in genuine fashions. We don’t squish blogs to fit the sponsor’s content, or vice versa – and this new strain of ‘and lifestyle’ bloggers thickens that line between true content and scope.


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