Influencer Marketing In The Ever Growing Digital Age

Marketing used to be easy – you could focus on just a small number of media outlets to get your messages out.

Then this thing called The Internet came along and suddenly every man and their dog, woman and their yoga pants was a media source.

Online publications, magazines, blogs, user-comments, ratings and social media save brands headaches and for good reason. But how do we tap into this ‘new’ world they live in? We’re experts of conversations and influencers in this new type of media at We Are Anthology. We focus on the best influencers suited to send your message. We don’t use new media like old media. We don’t get as many bloggers as we can in a campaign to saturate the market with your message. That’s the old school way, we’re all about the new school.

We use the right influencers to sway people’s opinions and actions in favour of your brand. Instead of trying to talk to Jimmy or Jemima at home, we get our chosen influencers to do it on your behalf. Instead of trying to read and respond to the mass market across the internet, and react to the gazillions of conversations going on at any moment, we concentrate strictly on the influencers who will influence their fans and their audience on your behalf.

Rules to remember!

  • Popularity does not equal influence. High school is over (most of the time) and we’ve just had real-life evidence here in New Zealand with bloggers being caught out buying fans (thanks Instagram!). An influencer might have a solidly-earned large following, but are their 20K fans all relevant to you and your brand?

  • To be influential, a person has to be actively writing about topics that matter to your audience and your customers. NO good employing a fashion editor to Instagram star pictures of your new blueberry juice if they’ve never talked about juice before!

  • To be influential, a person must have authority.

  • Influencers drive action. Over time influencers drive results, it’s proven.

We sort through the noise to identify and target the real influencers for your market.

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