My Experience @ We Are Anthology

Hi I’m Julia and I’m eighteen years old. What a boring way to start a blog post. First sentences are just way too difficult. So anyway here I am, in a marketing office in Ponsonby, one of the nicest parts of Auckland, in my opinion.

This past summer (my summer, your winter) I finished high school and decided I was going to try and do my best to fulfil my dream of travelling before university. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study at university, so the idea of doing an internship combined with traveling is how I ended up in New Zealand - “On the other side of the world”, as my mum back in Germany tends to say.

When I decided to do an internship abroad, I never really hoped for something special - I was more worried about the things that I hoped not to happen, like bringing coffee and being nobody, just “the intern”. And none of my fears happened, lucky me!

 Julia with Charlotte at a client Christmas Party for 2016: "This is not the backpacker lifestyle!"

Julia with Charlotte at a client Christmas Party for 2016: "This is not the backpacker lifestyle!"

As Dani promised me over our Skype interview, I am really learning something and I’m a real part of the team.

At We Are Anthology they have (hopefully) taught me everything I will need to know to start working in digital marketing, influencer marketing and in social media back home in Germany. The office is in a really fancy building and it’s filled with women giving themselves male names, in a very funny way. So according to this alternative naming system, my place is next to Charles’ one.

From the beginning at We Are Anthology they made me feel like I’m part of the team, working with them, even though I did not know a thing about marketing or social media. I just arrived here to a very open minded, sympathetic team in which everyone wanted to teach me the real world of social media marketing. I started with small steps, helping the update the influencer database and got given different tasks every day. I’m learning something new daily and that’s why it never gets boring.

But it’s not only about the things you learn theoretically, it’s more about learning to work in a team and learning in that atmosphere. At We Are Anthology everyone works on their tasks for the day and the week, and together we all have a goal for the month and the year. But even though everyone works on their own and schedules their day differently, they work together and speak about the things they’re on right now. The most impressive thing is the atmosphere, it’s like best friends working together but they are not only friends they’re also colleagues, and that’s what makes We Are Anthology. It’s all about the “We”.

The head of that is the #Ladyboss Dani, and it’s her in particular that makes We Are Anthology the way it is, the way atmosphere at work should be. I don’t want to suck up with that blog post about my experience but that’s the way it is. Honestly, I experienced at We Are Anthology a hard working, cohesive team with a good path between friendship and success. If I imagine working in an office I’d love to have the same atmosphere.