What's New With Facebook?

Facebook are always updating their Features, and we admit that if you aren’t totally tuned in every single day, it can be tough to stay aware of all the changes.

To make it more manageable for you, here are a few of the latest updates in small, easy to digest, bite-size pieces - ‘coz we’re nice like that 😇

1 -/New CTA’s

We’ve all seen the Call to Action buttons on Facebook, little blue buttons that say “Learn more” or “Contact us” aren’t big news. The problem with these buttons was that you had to leave Facebook and go to an external site, which led to plenty of customers abandoning their quest for many reasons, such as the load time being too long, or the page not being apt for mobile.

Facebook has now decided to partner with different services, so that you can complete certain actions directly on Facebook. Imagine being able to book concert tickets, or order pizza without even leaving Facebook. Pretty cool, right? Clearly this won’t be immediately available for all industries, perhaps it won’t be available ever for some, but it would save so much time on filling out forms, plus you wouldn’t have time to rethink whether or not you really need that slice of cheesecake for dessert!

2 / New job listings on Pages

Clearly Facebook has lots and lots of data on all of us. Previously we were being warned about what we were sharing online, as any information could be used against us in the future while looking for employment. It turns out though, that this data we were so strongly urged to keep to ourselves, could actually work in our favour on the job hunt!

Facebook are now including job listings in Pages, so potentially, they could be contending with Linkedin when it comes to searching for jobs. For the moment, Linkedin have the upper hand as they have access to everything to do with careers. However, Facebook has access to much deeper insights to users, and perhaps this will turn out to be more valuable for employers rather than just statistics.

3 /  Live video scheduling

Many users had suggested to Facebook that they’d like to be able to schedule their live broadcasts, in order for their audiences to be notified about when it would be happening, and able to join the audience ready to hear the live action as soon as it happened.

Well, guys, get excited, cuz Facebook listened!

Currently, verified Facebook Pages can schedule their live posts up to a week in advance, and users can choose to be notified shortly before the start, and to join the audience up to 3 minutes before the scheduled time so that they can be there, ready to watch. Shortly, all Pages will be able to use this feature in order to create buzz and build anticipation for each and every live broadcast.

4 / Page likes removal

This could potentially be the biggest change of them all. Internally, we're on the fence. Half of our team like that it's going, half don't.

As you may have heard, Facebook are considering removing the Page like count entirely! One of the reasons behind this is that Page likes can be bought, so this interferes with their significance. The more money you throw at Page likes, the more you’ll get. Now, if you think about it, Page likes are growing everyday, yet our ability and time as users to actually receive and digest the information the Pages want to feed us, stays the same.

This is why Facebook altered the algorithm that determines what ends up in your News Feed, to put higher value on friends & family, rather than on Pages.  

Don't forget back in 2013 Facebook introduced the option to unfollow a Page. (Side note: How has it been three years already, that still feels NEW!?) So you can still like the page, you just aren’t getting any of its content delivered to your News Feed.

So you could have a million likes, but only 5 of those people are actually following you. Where’s the value in that?

Even if Facebook decides to keep the Like function on Pages, it makes sense for companies to not rely so heavily on  the likes as a measurement of growth, but to focus more on the actual content they are posting and to lean towards engagement measures such as reactions or comments to get a real feel for how they are doing.

So, there you have it! These are the main Facebook highlights for the moment.

What do you think? Can you see Facebook being the new Linkedin - or do you think you’d prefer to keep business and pleasure separate for a little while longer?

What about live video scheduling - will it really help you out? Keep us in the loop!

Have a great day!