Don't Put Your Customers On Virtual Hold

Do you like being put on hold?

I don’t. I absolutely hate it.

I feel like my time is being wasted, and the people working for the company are just putting me on hold to chat to their friends. Unless of course, they’re really super duper friendly and I do honestly believe that I’m on hold so that they can resolve my query. Then it’s fine and I lose my resting bitch face (and voice). But let's be honest, that doesn't happen much.

I think most people are like me. When we ask a question, we expect to be answered fairly quickly. So, it’s a real conundrum for me to understand why some companies take forever to answer you on social media. I mean... Why? Many don’t even answer you, ever.

Studies have shown that only 30% of companies actually respond to complaints on social media. That is absolutely bonkers.

It’s actually stupid when you think about it really. The number of businesses that still hold the firm belief that social media doesn’t really matter is quite frankly, too many. When will they understand that people listen to other people’s opinions, value them, and base their own opinions from them?

It’s our job as a digital marketing agency - but also as people - to encourage these silly companies to join in on the path of great customer service. Only this way can we ensure that the world never gets put on hold again 👌

So here’s the general message companies: Get your act together!

Come on! We are real people at the other end of the Facebook comment and the Facebook message, treat us exactly the way you would if we’d walked right in to your shop.

The only difference online is that everyone can hear us, and we ain’t even shouting 😉