Your Social Media Plan: the sales funnel as a content creating framework

Ah the sales funnel. Surprisingly, it's still relevant. 

Something you learnt at university about marketing is actually still relevant - who would have thought! Not only is it still hip and happening, but it's also something that you should refer to every day that you're creating content. 


Because it's awesome, that's why. It's a framework for you to create content it. It's certainly not the only one, but it's a bloody helpful one! 

Say you want more people to know about you.

Well, you'll start by creating some awesome posts about your brand (remembering to solve the customers problem with your product or service, not just talk about yourself). When you push that content out through Facebook for example, you'll push it to your targeted audience - Mum's in Ponsonby who like Nike and Lululemon and Range Rover.

Once your target customer has been trapped like an insect in a Venus Flytrap, you'll measure how many of those Mum's were reached, how they engaged (did they just like your post or did they engage in a meaningful way by clicking over to your website.) 


TA = Target audience

From there, you'll be able to see how it all went and tick off your KPIs like a boss  ✔✔✔

Finally, measure the impact your hard work, show the boss how awesome you are because everything you've done has been M E A S U R E A B L E, and then take yourself out for a wine to celebrate your awesomeness. 

Using the sales funnel as a content creating framework tool is awesome and easy. It gives you an plan to stick with, and a clear path forward.