What To Do When Sent PR Samples

As a blogger, PR samples are an awesome benefit of producing great content. It’s never not exciting to receive a new beauty product in the mail, or perhaps chocolate treats from locally-sourced companies. PR companies are the silent intermediaries between online media and brands, and the ways to interact with them aren’t often so clear.

We’ve talked about the ambiguous relationship before, where we told you ‘How to Approach PR and Other Digital Agencies’ and ‘How To Design Your Media Kit‘, but once you have, what happens then?

PR samples are a way for the company to get free coverage for newly released products, and there is a certain way bloggers should go about acting upon receiving.

Email: Let the PR company know you’ve received the product and tell them thanks. If you’re interested, ask them for more information on the brand and the product.

Test it: We recommend giving the product reasonable consideration. For your blog’s own reputation, and your readers’ loyalty, they don’t want to read a regurgitated press release or forged opinions on a product. You want their trust, and you probably already have it, so don’t betray it.

Post it: Remember, it’s a free product, any imaginary strings attached that you think exist, get your scissors ready. You know exactly what content is right for your blog or social media, anything that isn’t will stand out like a sore thumb, and not just the one you get from hitting the spacebar one time too many. Incorporate it within your content – give the brand a shout out, linking them in your Instagram posts will show them just how productive you are. The relationship works two ways, when you showcase your enthusiasm, they’ll let you see theirs too. One thing we recommend, don’t tag the actual PR company who you received the product from in the social media post, just to ensure they can continue to use your promotion as exemplary work for new clients.

Disclose it: Your audience is smart – they can tell when something you have talked about has been purchased or gifted. They also trust you. As long as you are honest with them. Let them know if something was gifted or if something is a sample, but tell them that you’re opinion is honest. Be open, we respect that!