The Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Working With Brands

So you want to work with brands? With the ever-increasing exposure of digital media and the impact of bloggers, it’s very easy to become swept up in the thought process of blog = money. Unfortunately, in New Zealand, it’s incredibly difficult to enhance your blog to the point of having it become your full time job. So, yes, your blog may equal future income, but it’s not as easy as an email followed by an invoice. Here are the FIVE questions we thinks you should ask yourself before you start working with brands.

How much content have you already built?

Brands need your blog to be established. A history of content throughout all your platforms, social and website, allows brands to see examples of content you have produced in the past, while providing evidence of a worthy following. The base content already built on you blog is what brings in, and has brought in, readers, the sponsored content you hope to produce should simply be a seamless addition to your story.

How often do you post?

How well have you acclimatised to the title of blogger? You should be posting a minimum of two posts each week, and for extra gold stars, be posting on the same day each week for consistency.

What makes you different?

You’re just a fish in the big sea of influencers, you need to find the rainbow to your trout, the blue to your whale. This could be your style of writing, or your outstanding photography, perhaps a particular perspective on a niche, or your existing readership and their values. Whatever it is, you should hang on to it and use it as a part of your selling point.

How professional are you?

What’s your grammar like, what kind of vocabulary do you use, how much profanity do you use? How have you branded yourself, is it consistent throughout? Does your blog have Facebook, Twitter AND Instagram? How does your brand compare with the brands you’re approaching? Pair yourself with brands that coincide with your beliefs and your creativity.

What can you offer?

Brands use blogs for sponsored content, including reviews, brand exposure and giveaways. Recently, exclusive content for social media have become a massive trend – for when a brand wants to build their exposure throughout social platforms. Are you willing to use your social media this way? What about social media takeovers or parties? How much will you charge for brands to use you and your readers? For newer blogs this can be tricky to decide on, and possessing an established following is a huge factor in actually getting paid – however, it’s worth a good thought!