How To Design Your Media Kit

Last week we wrote about ‘How to Approach PR and Other Digital Agencies’, wherein we said a media kit is the one thing every blogger looking to commercialise needs, a cheat sheet for the agency in the build-a-campaign exam. We received a few questions like: ‘what should go into a media kit?’ and ‘what does a media kit ACTUALLY look like?’. No one seems to be talking about  these topics, for many reasons we’re sure, so who better than a blogging community, like us, to get the ball rolling on the subject.

We suggest designing your media kit in the same fashion as your actual blog. In terms of typography, fonts and colours, etc. As for what goes into it, well here’s a basic template for you to get started:

And if you’re looking for an agency to send yours to, or if you’d like some feedback on your media kit, check out We Are Anthology