How To Approach PR & Digital Agencies

When you’re ready to position your blog as a more professional platform and potentially earn an income off of doing what you enjoy, and you’ve asked yourself the five questions before working with brands – here’s what we recommend you do:

Research: Have a good mooch around, see who is out there. Find out who you would like to work with and who can you see yourself working with. When contacting brands, make sure they align with your content and values. When approaching agencies, like us, have a look to see who’ve they worked with in the past and see if it’s right for you. Ask questions – ask how they work, how they’d work with you – be open!

Email: This is where we see the most confusion with bloggers. The whole, “should I email first or should I wait for them to email me?” It doesn’t have to be as scary as your year 8 formal, you can say hello first. Shoot your companies of choice an email which includes a brief about you and your blog; examples of work you can do and have done, what you have to offer, and an attached media kit. Repeat this every 4-6 months with updated information. Mention that you seen a certain campaign that they implemented, and how you think you have something to offer.

Media Kit: You need one. If you’re wanting to be taken seriously, you definitely need one. Have a gander around the internet, ask to see a friend’s if they have one, but definitely build one and keep it updated monthly with your most recent stats. We recommend designing it in a similar fashion to your blog and including a brief of what your blog is and why people should work with you, a summary of your blog statistics (including, page views, unique visitors, session times, and a break down of demographics by gender, country and location), your blog’s social media statistics (traffic that is driven to your site from social, as well as all the stats from the platform themselves), your contact details (including your email, social media handles, and your address and phone number) and a list of costs for various ways to work with you (these can always be negotiated at a later point, but they’re a great starting point so brands and agencies have a ballpark figure to work with if they’re after long-form content on a blog, shorter content on social, both, etc).

That’s it. The perfect way to introduce yourself – it gives a great, professional first impression and provides all the information any agency will need.