We collaborate...

We are changing the way that brands and influencers collaborate. We have access to thousands of authentic micro and macro digital influencers - from everyday social media influencers, through to bloggers and celebrities. We're able to connect you with influencers in all verticals that match your brand's individual aesthetic and vision. Your perfect-fit influencers are out there, and we know how to find them and get the most out of them.

Influencer and markting strategy we are anthology

Campaign and creative strategy

Impressive campaigns require customised, creative strategies from a hands-on team. We handle every step of the process with your goals and objectives as the driving force behind all that we do; from pitching the concept to reviewing draft content, and reporting the results.

we are anthology brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors

We'll find the right social voices to help strengthen or rebuild your reputation by increasing positive brand sentiment. We help them create genuine content that shows all that your brand has to offer, through social photos and videos, to blog posts, vlogs and more!

we are anthology influencer content creation

Content creation

We empower influencers to create inspiring content about your brand by creating an individual brief for them on each campaign. That way they can focus on what they do best - creating awesome content. You can then leverage the content for your own online channels.

we are anthology brand activations and traditional media integration

Brand activations

Real-time influence delivered. Whether posting to mass Instagram audiences from your event, streaming live on Facebook, or Snaping their way around your premiere party, there's no better way to engage your target market live.