Who is the WAA woman?

Meet the #WAA woman - or as we like to call her, the influenced mind. She's the digital and physical embodiment of our brand. She represents your target audience and how we use social media and influencer marketing to talk to, share with, and ultimately, influence the end user's mind to think positively about your brand, and perform an action from that influence.

What is WAA?

We Are Anthology is more than just an agency, it's also home to thousands of leading lifestyle bloggers, vloggers and social influencers. The #WAAHouse is also a shared space we manage in Ponsonby. It allows us to have strategy, project management, content creation, and social media expertise in house, and to utilise the branding/graphic design, copy writing, photography, and PR companies that hang out with us every day.

Who is WAA?

Danika Revell We Are Anthology Managing Director


Head of Strategy & Boss Lady

Hmmm where do you start? The idea for WAA was born almost five years ago when this Aussie expat first moved to NZ. A fashion blogger at the time, she wanted to create a business that balanced the needs of the clients, proved an ROI, all while looking after and maximising the use of the influencer.  So she created WAA, and the rest they say is history.

Erika Warne We Are Anthology Digital Creative and Content Producer

erika warne 

Digital Creative & Content Producer

Erika joined WAA after a two week AUT intern placement before her final semester. She worked on the launch of a new premium product from Fiji and impressed the team with her plan for social media, website design, and event activation. Whipping her way around photoshop like there's no tomorrow, Erika rounds out our in-house design for social media clients.

Charlotte Powley Digital Producer We Are Anthology

Charlotte Powley

Digital Influence & Marketing Specialist

Charlie's fresh off the boat from Spain. Having worked with Dani in Paris many moons ago, she's now managing social media campaigns for We Are Anthology. She's just completed a thesis on 'the influence of social networks on the purchase decisions of minors'. She's fluent in Spanish, English, and French, and is working on her Kiwi language skills.

Current opportunities...


We are full up on Real Belgian Chocolate Milk by Puhoi Valley and team members.

That said though, if you think you're awesome and you could add to the team then holla at us. We like all types of wine and all types of bribes 🙌